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 I am Pamela Hall. I specialize in childrens fairytale or fantasy style photography. It's a fun and exciting way to capture you little fairytale princess or Angel or you little Jungle adventurer. Capturing them in their own personality and style. 

 I live in Ottawa Lake Michigan, Monroe County. I service Michigan and Ohio. I am very close to the Toledo area.

 I moved to Ohio in 2004. I was born and raised in NC. I married my husband in 2005 and we have 7 kids all together 5 from prior marraiges and we have two fantastic little boys together! They are our world! They brighten our lives like the sun brightens the sky. We have been in Michigan for a little over a year now, I will graduate in June with an Associates Degree in Photography. 

 I have always loved children! I have always related well with children maybe because I am still a kid at heart myself. I had a studio in Ohio for four years prior to moving to Michigan. I am restructuring my business here in Michigan and am looking forward to all the little smiles I can capture for families all accross the area. 

 Our children grow so fast. They go through these phases of life and they are gone in an instant. I can not count the times I wish I could go back and see the kids when they were a certain age doing a certain thing that I found adorable. I turned around and they were grown! Now I have the little boys 7 and 8 and I do not want to miss a moment! 

 I love capturing their dress up phase, the imagination phase of fairytales and make believe. They love this phase for such a short time and I love captureing that for families before the moment disapears. 

 Whether they like chasing tinkerbell or exploring a jungle, my goal is to create worlds for children to love being in and capturing some great photos of them that moms and dads can cherish for the rest of their lives. I hope that they look back on these as adults and smile and think about the wonderful fairytale experience they had when they were young. I want to capture the moments while they last.... Fairy tales to Senior happens WAY too fast! 

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