What should my child wear?

What to wear? When I do the fairytale photos with the different themes such as Elsa and Ana I provide the dress for it. Just let your little one wear something comfortable and easy to get in and out of and bring their best smile! If I am doing different sessions such as family sessions or traditional You will just wear your own clothing. I ask that you avoid patterns and busy designs. Solids photograph so much better and look much nicer in photographs. If you wish to do make up on the little girls I encourage it as it adds color to their cheeks.

What are some tips for my childs best experience?
Anna Frozen Castle - PM Hall Photography

Just a few things to be aware of.... Young children need naps. So when scheduling the appointment schedule around your child's schedule. We want them to enjoy their session and not be hungry or tired when they come. It is in their best interest that we schedule around them and let them be the boss on this one. The photos will turn out better if they are happy and cooperative. Really young children under 2 need to make sure they are fed and fresh diaper before the session as this will give them a more comfortable feeling when they are here. Sessions can take up to an hour sometimes, the younger the more time it takes. We want to get you the very best of your child while s/he is here. The more comfortable they are the more smoothly it will go.

How does payment work?

First things first! Look over the digital collections and see if they interest you! If you like one of them then contact me and we will set you an appointment! If you do not like them and you want a more sophisticated session let me know,I have packages for the larger wall art collections as well. You will schedule your appointment with me via the calendar page if it has availability. If there are no appointments available at the calendar, just text, call or message me or use the contact me form. I will try and fit you in somewhere. There will be a $35 deposit for holding of your appointment and will go toward your purchase of collection or session order. It can be paid via the payments tab. If you would like to pay your entire session that is available as well.

Can I have more than one child in the session?

I allow up to 3 children in one session! Yes siblings can be in the session together at no extra charge!

What is your 60 days Same as Cash?

I offer 60 days same as cash on all full session orders! You are in control of the payment and can pay what you want as long as it is covered in 60 days! If you for some reason do not pay the full amount in 60 days I will give you product for what you have paid minus any discounts and at full product cost. Clients love this option as they can order more than they originally would have if they had to pay it in one lump sum. I like this option too as it is a way to help you get what you want from my session!